Saturday, May 15, 2004

relaxative, not laxative, needed
I got Wednesday's interview schedule through from the Oregon office this morning. Two people on site (senior managers) and two people (team members) via video conference. I had to run to the loo before I could finish reading. If this continues I'm going to have dropped a dress size by Wednesday (no bad thing) and be a nervous wreck (a very bad thing indeed).
The animator has warned me that he's going to be horrible to live with for the next few days, how heartening. He's reacquainting himself with 3DS Max and learning Character Studio so that he can get to work on the stuff for Nickleodeon on Monday. Wonderful.
On my to do list this weekend is: write to the in-laws; grocery shopping; tidying/cleaning; and exercising.
If you have paint drying I suggest that you go and watch it, it'll be more interesting than hanging around here.

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