Friday, June 11, 2004

blah, voting, blah
Does Britney sing 'kitty, kitty, woo?' on Slave 4U? That's what I sing along to. And am nodding to now thanks to dINbOT.
As far as work goes, more, much more, many more, meetings - a couple in person with senior managers, most with other cubby slaves - but hey desktop video conferencing is pretty cool. I met up with ex-colleagues tonight and I really miss them. More than I ever thought I would - like hanging out with cousins rather than ex-workmates. I'm not a big one for nostalgia, but still.
Thank god tomorrow is Friday. TA is in Luton tomorrow - doing DTP work, I am meeting lots of scary senior execs/panicking/trying to get a grip on two jobs - the usual deal.
This w/e I am going to BUY CLOTHES and do lots of work. If I can just get a grip on all the processes and the basics of both jobs and the essentials of which server holds what files and everything then Monday will be a lot easier.
So, voting. That was pretty self-explanatory, but also strange. I really feel that I've been divorced from the issues this time round - no TV (we don't pay the license fee so the TV is for DVDs only), little access to internet, no newspapers. It felt irresponsible to vote, it felt irresponsible not to. Added to the ignorance was the fact that, frankly, none of the options were particularly appealing. Democracy has become a real downer. Where has the sense of empowerment gone? Died a death with Tony Blair's integrity.
Anyway, night all.

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