Monday, June 28, 2004

Weekend was spent in Hereford. We stayed at a B&B, Garford Farm, which was very nice indeed (a big, deep bath made me happy). My brother and his wife were staying at the same place so we had a chance to catch up. On Saturday we went to my mother's cousin's husband's 90th birthday party. It was a riot - parents, aunts, cousins, babies, toddlers, previous owners of the house, friends - everyone was there. I slept so well on Saturday night it made me remember what sleeping is supposed to be about - rest. The house has an enormous garden with a swimming pool and tennis courts and we were back there on Sunday for a family-only get together. Lovely. Of course the train home was delayed and we didn't get back to London until late, but it was a fantastic weekend.
The weekend also gave TA some time to think about what is going on with him and he has agreed that he needs to get help - I don't know whether he's suffering from depression that is manefestingmanifesting itself physically or whether it's glandular/hormonal, but he's constantly exhausted and rundown, he lacks the energy to do anything... We'll see what the doctor says.

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