Monday, June 07, 2004

gone fishing
This has been a truly great weekend: met up with friends, went to trendy bar, met up with more friends, finally set the animator up with his own moby, drank iced coffee in the sunshine...

I got an email from my mum yesterday, not an unusual event you might think - and you'd be right - but this email was unusual. She had scanned in some pages from the Daily Mail. The story was about two men who had caught a sturgeon. Apparently, sturgeons are royal fish (just as swans are royal birds), so the two lucky fishermen wrote to the Queen asking her if she wanted their catch. She didn't. The men sold the fish, but were then arrested. It transpires that sturgeons are endangered and that it's illegal to catch them. When they were arrested the men produced their letter from Buckingham Palace giving them permission to sell the fish. Ooops.
Now, as you can imagine, the Queen doesn't answer her own mail she has staff for that. Palace staff have to be very discreet. Staff at Buckingham Palace are supposed to refer to it as 'BP' when talking to friends so that eavesdroppers will be fooled. So, just think how embarrassed the person who wrote the letter on the Queen's behalf was when she saw it published in the paper. In fact, you don't have to think because I spoke to my friend Emily today and I can tell you she's very embarrassed indeed.
Luckily, it hasn't stopped her from being promoted - I've agreed to be one of her security check referees.

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