Wednesday, June 16, 2004

long post condensed due to lack of time
Influentials. You may not realise it but PR firms think that you (as blog readers and writers) are influentials. Apparently, bloggers are often at the 'bleeding edge' of cultural developments. Bloggers and their readers are increasingly being targeted by companies and PR peeps to promote positive brand or product messages. Bugger - reading blogs may become a bit like watching ITV or listening to commercial radio, the scum of advertising has to be filtered out.
Just as the bloggers mirror, to a greater or lesser extent, the people we meet every day the blogs people write reflect the entire spectrum of high and low culture (television to opera, if you will). I like to dip my toes in the high-brow pool of blogs. I particularly enjoy British-based thinkers - is it me or are there fewer of them than their American counterparts? James Blogwell, a London-based intellectual, is doing his bit to even things out - I like his style and the way that he can write with equal passion and humour about Victorian novelists (who I find terrifying), popular music and living in London.
The writer of James Blogwell contends that blogs are worthy of academic study, not everyone agrees with him but he's decided to go out on a limb and present a paper on them at a conference. He and others like him are worth taking notice of and supporting - think of it like a boxing match, compared to the strength and weight of the commercial interests in the red corner, the thinkers in the blue corner are underweight but if we all jump into the ring in support perhaps we can bury the bad guys.

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