Tuesday, June 15, 2004

meetings, more on TA and general blathering
Yesterday was one long blur of meetings, including a crash course in the theory of storytelling, which is what underpins this company's modus operandi. The storytelling training was more than three hours, then I had an afternoon of teleconferencing. I got out of the office at 7.15pm.
TA is still going to Luton for DTP work, although I think today is his last day. Last night we both collapsed in an exhausted, grumpy heap - it's hard when we're both working long hours.
TA is very unusual for a straight man, especially an Australian straight man: he likes and cares about clothes; he doesn't see the attraction of watching sport on television; he doesn't like beer; he appreciates opera (although sadly not ballet); he thinks grooming is important... Of course there are aspects of his personality that do fit the male stereotype: enjoys computer games, loves martial arts and prefers the Die Hard films to most art-house movies. This is all preamble to back up yesterday's post. Yes, TA did spend five hours shopping with me - in fact TA often has more of an idea about what I should be wearing than I do. I am not a dedicated follower of fashion. I'm good on knowing what cuts suit my problematic figure - A-line skirts, dresses that are fitted to the waist and then flare - TA is good at pushing me to look at colours I wouldn't normally bother with. We have disagreements* and I have the casting vote, but in the three years since we got together I've become a lot better dressed.
*Black and white are a classic chic combination and the shops are full of it but TA thinks it's boring. I'm going back for a couple of black and white items and the cute court shoes in Clarks, but I'll wait for the sales.

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