Monday, June 14, 2004

out of fashion
Is it me or are the shops playing cruel tricks on women? Last summer the shops were full of trash-eighties-revival tat so I didn't buy any new clothes, even though I needed some. This year is better, but the majority of what's on offer is still unwearable: crazy prints, polka dots and bows seem to predominate. TA and I spent five hours looking for my summer workwear yesterday. Bear in mind the following: we're on a limited budget; I'm a very tall size 12 (8 US) with big hips; I'm not a teenager but neither am I ready for a twinset and pearls; I want smart shoes I can walk in (no pointy toes or skinny heels). After scouring Covent Garden and Oxford St I found a top I like (Country Casuals - price reduced), a skirt that's very similar to one I already own (M&S linen), a dress that is a flattering cut (but the print is nothing special) (Rocha at Debenhams), and a top that's a nice colour but I'm not sure I like (Kaliko - price reduced). Oh and I remembered why I only ever shop in sales. I may go back to Muji and pick up a couple of tops at a later date - I like their functional aesthetic, but the prices are ridiculous. For reference, I think tops should cost no more than £25, bottoms no more that £35 and dresses no more than £45, ideally shoes should be under £30 - although I try to get all these things for much less - also I prefer mid-range labels: Kaliko, Jesire, Coast, Next and M&S for basics and sometimes Monsoon. I'm not one of these women that can find treasures in Topshop, Zara and H&M - these clothes always look as though they'll fall apart in the wash. WHY can't shopping be easy? Do other women really want to look like Minnie Mouse this summer?

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