Saturday, June 05, 2004

you're in the army now
I was trying to think of a good way to sum up how completely insane the last two days have been for the title of this post when I started humming 'In the Army Now' by Status Quo. This is wrong on so many levels: given the current geopolitical situation, comparing my wonderful new job to a boot camp/war situation is clearly inappropriate; I don't like Status Quo. But I hope that you'll be gentle with me and understand the half-baked analogy, because it has been a bit like a boot camp: overwhelmed with new information; expected to attend iniation ceremonies (okay, it was just a few beers at the pub, but I'm a lightweight and I couldn't keep up - also I think they go to the pub every night, that's too much!); indoctrinated in the '[insert company name here] way' and yes they really call it that; no outside contact... I'm thankful I've got the weekend to recover and regroup because the last two days have been terrifying!
Interestingly, when I googled 'you're in the army now' Status Quo was not the first result, getting geeks to enlist was:
The military minds behind "America's Army," the PC game designed to entice geeks into enlisting, have unveiled their newest recruiting tool: a weblog from a soldier stationed in Afghanistan. Read the rest here.

Then an inside view into a real boot camp.
This weekend I shall mostly be working on a style guide for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region (basically, it seems that US companies divide the world into US market and the rest of the world - US and EMEA; us and them) I don't know when the Australasian market will get a look in. A style guide is invaluable for copy/sub editors and ensures that consistency of spelling, tone, puctuation etc is maintained. I'm still trying to work out some hard and fast rules for international business English with a UK, rather than US, bias - not just spelling and vocab conventions, but the manner of expression. At the moment I just keep saying rather unhelpful things like: the tone is drier, the writing is more impersonal/formal, keep the sentence structure very simple. Bugger, I hope I'm up to the job.

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