Saturday, July 24, 2004

blankety blank
First off, for American readers, an explanation of the above phrase.
So, since TA's graduation I have been pretty busy. Working, obviously, going to the gym and getting my arse blankety blanked by Frankie. In our last session he made me sit on top of his enormous blankety blank. The trouble was I just couldn't keep my balance. We gave up after a few attempts, but not before my knees were black and blue from blankety blank. We also did some floor work to tighten my blankety blanks. Then he introduced me to the joys of stretchy rubber bands - I had to concentrate really hard on keeping my foot pressed down while I stretched and raised my blankety blank against the resistence. By the end of our blankety blank session I was all of a quiver. I'm still sore now.

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