Wednesday, July 07, 2004

blocked filter, or perhaps blogged filter
I had a post percolating through the detritus of my brain, almost ready to go - something about all the different vegetables we're eating now thanks to the organic box scheme and featuring some recipes - when suddenly my brain shut down. The cause? An email from my mother. Apparently, it's all go on the Isle. Pretty, beauty therapist friend E has decided to do something of a volte-face. Long-suffering readers may remember this post, where I described how her life was on the up while mine was on the skids. Well, since then it seems things have changed quite a lot. E has pulled out of investing in the shop and has decided to train to become a nurse. Good for her! What a gamble and what a difficult job to do - I admire nurses immensely - how brave, how brilliant. My mother hints that this might be a way for E to move to Australia as it will give her the necessary points. It seems the tables have turned once again. The way I've written this makes me sound like I'm gloating - I'm not, I'm just in shock.

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