Wednesday, July 28, 2004

core strength
Pilates was fun! The instructor is very attractive and he has a lovely lilting Scottish accent. And - ladies - he is ex-treme-ly flexible. I shall be making my weekly pilates class a high priority from here on in! TA had told me that I'd be in intense pain all the way through but actually it wasn't too bad at all, satisfyingly tough without being terrible. I think that Frankie might get his marching orders.
Meanwhile, my rolling programme to singlehandedly educate my US colleagues coninues apace. Today I introduced my excel teacher to 'feck' and an HR person to 'chuck'. It's the Queen's English, honest. On TA's behalf, and because the HR person was an Aussie (I like to do my bit for cross-cultural understanding), I also managed to write: No worries mate, get a dog up yer (TA instructed me this meant cheers, I'm sensing he was being very Australian with that definition), dry as a dead dingo's donger. Which made her smile, seeing as language like that is usually only heard in the pub.
My favourite Aussie-ism: Brown-eyed mullet.

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