Tuesday, July 27, 2004

curiouser and curiouser
I'm formulating style guide email at the moment re the differences between US and UK English. So far I've sent out two hefty mails to my US editing colleagues based on reading Mighty Fine Words and Smashing Expressions and The "Economist" Style Guide - if anyone would like copies (of my mail, not the books!) let me know at the usual address. These mails are desperately needed - as is the publicising of the differences to US agency staff. A few days ago I received this query: 'do we want this in British or English?'
In other news, housemate C will soon be departing Badger Mansions - he's going to be buying his own place, the lucky blighter - and in the next few weeks we'll have to begin the arduous task of finding a new housemate. This is made more complicated by the fact that I'm going to be in the US for three weeks - two before the lease runs out and one after. It's not that I don't trust TA to make a good decision, well, not exactly...
I've put my name down for tomorrow morning's Pilates class at the gym - here's to a longer, leaner, more flexible and altogether straighter me! I'm determined to have improved in time for Frankie's session this week. This morning I did my usual 15-minute run on the treadmill and then had a lovely relaxing 15 minutes in the sauna, but I think classes will stretch me - dreadful pun intended - more.
Final item in tonight's round up is a load of pork balls courtesy of the Passionate Pilgrim, Karen, who was kind enough to sign my guest map.

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