Saturday, July 03, 2004

fecking anyway
Just when I thought things re the new job were settling down, today has been a real pile of pants. You see I'm the new girl and I'm learning lots of programs so that I can do the job I've been hired to do - as well as learning systems, processes - even the phone comes with it's own manual. That said, there are lots of things I CAN do, there are some things even an untrained monkey would be a dab hand at. So today was a mixture of tasks that are so simple really the people palming them off were taking liberties and other things that I couldn't have done a few weeks ago, but I can now thank you and since it's my job why not trust me to do them rather than calling someone in the States who is probably still asleep? Grr. On top of that people keep making changes to documents I've already formatted and messing them up - so why not give me the docs when they are final. Oh and I came up with some design ideas and got told they were stupid only to be tasked with creating those very design elements over the weekend because X came up with this concept and isn't it briliant. It's all politics and building respect and that, but really so very frustrating - next I'll be told that someone needs to supervise me while I tie my laces. And you know I used to run my own department - I wouldn't say I've got a Napoleon complex or anything, but honestly the way I'm being treated is ridiculous.

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