Monday, July 19, 2004

it's academic
I have now read - what is it Lloyd Grossman used to say? - deliberated, cogitated and digested Ralph's paper and I can tell you I enjoyed it immensely. I do hope he posts it so everyone can comment. Yesterday the badger mansions sett met up with Ralph, Natalie, Tim and Beth for a few pints, which was nice. It's all a bit meta to be writing about people you've met who are writing about meeting you and who you met because all of you write, not to mention dull for everyone else so I'll keep it to a minimum! Of course I had fun and enjoyed meeting new people - although it did remind me a bit of my internet dating days. Also, all the normal openings to conversation are redundant - I kept wracking my brains for things that were interesting enough to talk about, but that I hadn't already mentioned here. I think I failed fairly comprehensively.

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