Tuesday, July 13, 2004

TA is on a role
TA is out tonight, he's joined something new too. I suggested that he join the gym with me, more on that another time, but no he's joined a different kind of club. Tonight he's at the Green Man on Euston Road. Yes, he's playing Dungeons and Dragons...sigh. After a nine-month drought, TA has finally got around to joining a D&D group. In fact on Friday he's meeting up with another D&D group, this time in Soho, with any luck he'll get to meet some animators through role playing. I've tried to get the whole fantasy game thing - for months i played with TA, housemate C and a couple of other chaps, but really I could never forget how essentially ludicrouse the whole undertaking was. TA on the other hand needs the creative stimulation that role play gives him so I'm so pleased that he's finally found groups to join.

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