Sunday, August 01, 2004

when I was...
When I was at primary school I had two best friends, the girl who would become beauty threrapist E and A (who is currently studying graphic design and living in Australia). When I was maybe six, maybe seven, we were playing at A's house. A's house had a big garden and the big garden backed on to a park. At one end of the park was a twisting path that led down to a reservoir. The reservoir had been been turned into a nature reserve and allowed to grow wild. On this particular day the three of us sneaked out and went to play in the reservoir. Perhaps it was this time of year, perhaps it was was certainly hot. I remember feeling sticky as we skirted round the green and slimy water's edge. First we took off our shoes and socks. Dipping toes in water, testing boundaries - testing ourselves. I can't remember who saw the tadpoles - but they were there to be seen: hundreds, thousands of them. Tiny black dots with muscular tails, whipping through the green, fecund water. The deliciously cool water that we'd let reach our knees. One thought occupied us - how to capture these babies, the proto frogs, proto toads. We had jam jar plans. Quick as you like our knickers were off and netting tadpoles. We ran back to the house admiring each other's catch - trying to keep them wet until we could fill our jars with water.
Three years ago tomorrow the animator and I went on our first date. When I was single I used to spend a lot of time, and yes I mean a lot, imagining what it would be like when I met that special someone. When I was single I'd moon about the place and my thoughts would sound like a non-rhyming, non-kitsch first draft set of lyrics for Que Sera Sera. Will they be handsome/pretty, will we be rich, will they understand me like no one has before, will we have many children, will they be a sculptor (blame Ghost, and The Bone People) ...
All that time using my knickers as a fishing net hunting for a frog to kiss. Who'd have guessed I'd meet a prince?
(Thank you Carroll, funny, this wan't the post I had in mind when I sat down to type)

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