Thursday, July 15, 2004

workaday gymboree
Went to work this morning, worked on a reorg of the folders and content that the office uses for new business pitches - the idea being to streamline the amount of materials that are archived and make putting a new pitch together much more of a cut-and-paste affair. Had a high-powered meeting with the UK office led by the Microsoft account head who is currently visiting, learnt more about internal changes Microsoft is making and the big PR reinvention programme that has seen PR spend reduced by 5 per cent. Left the office to be inducted (induced?) into the gym at lunch time. Induction was very basic and only took half an hour. So. With the rest of my lunch hour I bought shoes! Two pairs of shoes - one green pair and one pinky-purple pair - sensible, round-toed lace ups. Returned to the office. Successfully scavenged in the kitchen for my lunch: banana, bagel and peanut butter and a can of diet coke. Kept working on the reorg and rationalisation of folders, images, templates and documents. At four I had my first Excel lesson. My teacher, having been subjected to dancing badger powerpoint presentations, had created a badger-themed spreadsheet "Bill Gates: the man behind the badger" it said in one cell - I nearly wet myself laughing. Got off that call and went straight into another conference call, this time with the US editing and production team. Left the office and went straight into the gym. I hope you realise that this is a personal triumph. The gym was rammed with people, which was good in a way because I felt a lot less self-conscious. Ran for 20 minutes and then had a lovely long hot shower. The gym has a sauna and I'm planning to try it out soon. Does anyone know the protocol? If it's single sex is it okay to just wrap a towel around oneself or are swimming costumes required? Enquiring minds need to know. I've got the first of three sessions with Freddie my 'personal trainer' (somehow I doubt our relationship is exclusive) at 8am tomorrow. I've packed my work clothes and am planning to get to the gym at 7.30 tomorrow - with any luck there will be time for a quick run before, and a speedy sauna after, my 30 minute session with Freddie.
In other, more interesting news at Badger Mansions, TA has made a new friend. He met the Soho-based role player tonight and the two of them got on like the Great Fire of London. TA has come home glowing - that wonderful 'it's love' feeling you get when you click with someone. I can see that TA's already planning set-piece battles; romancing elven maidens and cunning ways to appropriate treasure - just to impress his new friend. And, although I'm amused (TA called as he was walking home through the Soho backstreets "...and he told me there's this friend he really likes to play with." You have to laugh don't you?), I'm really, really pleased that TA has found someone on his wavelength.

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