Friday, July 02, 2004

working 9 til 5
Well, technically nine til six, but Dolly never sang that did she. The point remains the same though - how soon things become routine. Today I was working on a PowerPoint presentation for a new business pitch, in fact I spent most of my day working on the materials for this pitch. I also spent an hour having a PowerPoint lesson - we talk on the phone and via netmeeting my teacher can see my desktop so that she can say, 'No the button on the left, that's it up at the top.' And, much to my delight, I can introduce dancing badgers that make guinea pig noises into my presentations and have a captive audience - the first (and probably last) time I've been able to do that. PowerPoint just begs you to make use of all the whizbang features for nefarious ends - no wonder there are thousands of strange slide shows doing the rounds as email attachments. Anyway, it is routine now, but in a good way. I'm just beginning to feel more comfortable there.

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