Sunday, August 15, 2004

good stuff
Yesterday I ran for thirty full freaking minutes on the treadmill (over 5km!), then went and kicked my own butt on the recumbent (yes the chafing is still there) bike for a further 30 minutes. Today I did weights.
I've got a enormous chicken roasting in the oven - this will be served with new potatoes, greens and roast carrots tonight; with pesto and salad tomorrow lunch time and either chicken curry or Vietnamese style tomorrow night; and the carcass should make a nice soup.
I've got a 2000 Chateuneuf du Pape waiting to be opened.
I'm sitting here sipping vodka-laced iced tea.
The flat is clean.
There are three fantastic cheeses, some red grapes, a pear and some cashew nuts to follow the roast chicken.
Tomorrow I'm going to the Marylebone Farmers' market.
Tomorrow I'm going to lay out my clothes and work out what I should pack for my trip to the US.
In less than a week I will be hanging out with my best friends in the beautiful town of Northampton, Massachusetts.
I'm sending a parcel to the Oregon office - I'm packing badger beer.
It's sunny.

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