Friday, August 13, 2004

little gems
I learnt something new about my IT trainer today - she makes fabulously beautiful jewellery. Isn't it amazing the talents people have that, in everyday life, remain hidden? The chap who sits opposite you might well have a wonderful dark, rich baritone, sticky sweet singing voice - the kind of voice that makes your sternum vibrate and your knees go weak; the receptionist might well be a champion swing dancer. Why do we all hide our lights under bushels? I wonder how many lights just need a spark to set them shining? I'm sure that everyone has an unexplored apptitude for a skill they've never dreamed of - how do you discover you are a natural free diver, formula-one driver, parachutist, or glassblower? Wouldn't be wonderful to be a flint, sparking all this untapped potential?
Coming back down to earth, this badger menace story had me in stitches. (Thanks Jenny!)

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