Tuesday, August 10, 2004

pillow talk
I was going to link to a news story about a new product for single girls lunched in Japan - the boyfriend arm pillow - but sadly the link has gone dead, I hope the picture suffices.
I'm tired today - I gymmed my little heart out this morning even though the chafing has not completely healed and I've seem to have developed an eye infection. The manky eye got so bad that TA had to bring my glasses to work for me. But anyway enough about my physical deficiencies...
TA and I had a difficult but good weekend. Housemate C had got hold of Wife Swap on DVD (not what you think, US readers) and we found it difficult to tear ourselves away. After watching a few episodes I became increasingly introspective - a mood that continued into Sunday and our visit to Fruitstock. Over lobster and champagne we discussed everything once more. What would happen if we split up*; whether Australia really is our goal destination; how TA should be approaching job hunting; whether we are dividing household chores effectively; what counts as necessity and what counts as ridiculous extravagance (yes, I realise that lobster and champagne falls squarely into the second category). Housemate C has decided to sign up to Badger Mansions for another six months after all and now that we know we are going to be here for at least that long TA and I are trying to work out how to progress in other areas of our life. After many hours of discussion we came up with the following:

  1. There has to be a cutoff date, we settled on the end of February 2005, if TA hasn't found animation work by then he will have to give up on it/look for other work instead.
  2. Since doing piddly little jobs for producer Nick and others is not bettering his chances of finding a full-time position and is in fact distracting him from finding work, TA will from now on concentrate on his showreel and turn down small jobs that offer no chance of advancement.
  3. TA must make more of an effort to get into intern and trainee programmes. He must also consider applying for jobs doing broadcast animation as only looking for games work is halving his chances.
  4. I must make more of an effort to meet new people. I don't have enough friends. TA is worried about me, I'm worried about me. The last two years have seen three friends move away and one get a LTLP - suddenly my social life has disappeared, not helped of course by my antisocial, depressed phase.

*We're not splitting up, we were just exploring why we both feel claustrophobic - there's nothing like an enormous amount of debt to make you feel shackled.

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