Friday, August 20, 2004

woo, woo
After feeling nothing at all about my trip to the US, the excitement kicked in at 5am, which is unfortunate because being kicked awake by excitement is a little upsetting and now I'm knackered. Last night I milled around Badger Mansions being very ineffective - my approach to packing being: sit down, moan, open a bottle of wine, tell TA that I'd only have one glass, watch West Wing with housemate C, chat to housemate C, realise that it is now 11.30pm, realise that the wine bottle is now empty, get out of the chair, throw six pairs of shoes in a bag, throw all the clothes that fit and are clean into a bag, throw all the cosmetics, toiletries and jewellery I own into a bag, and put all the bags into a rucksack.

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