Sunday, September 19, 2004

curry and craft
Top-secret craft project has taken up a like of its own, which is brilliant and scary both at the same time. I hope I can do it justice. TA is by turns perturbed, pleased and parental in response to my sudden passion for creation.
Today for an hour or so he took matters into his own hands - helping, but taking over too. Whenever he does this I am reminded that our aesthetics really are very different. He's all about perfection and polish - I like the things I make/paint/create to have a roughness, a raw and bleeding edge. So when I think something is looking just about right he comes along and wants to fix it for me.
TA and I went to the gym today and then out for coffee. I cooked lunch and TA talked to his brother on the phone. This afternoon I cleaned the flat, while TA played a computer game. This evening I cooked dinner, while TA played a computer game.
After dinner I went into the kitchen and started cleaning up. TA followed me in and deposited his plate but then disappeared. I started cleaning up - I take a Jackson Pollock approach to cookery - thinking: any minute now he'll be back to help me clean up. I unloaded the dishwasher - any minute now. I loaded it with dirty crocks - any minute. I wiped down the surfaces - he'll come and help me soon. I wiped down the oven. I was finished, in TA came. "Do you want a hand?" he innocently enquired. I left him in the kitchen and went into the living room to answer e-mail. Any minute now he'll bring me a cup of tea, I thought. In he came...wait for it...with a chocolate milkshake. One chocolate milkshake. For him. Now he's watching Back to the Future - and I'm still waiting. Some days I wonder what goes on in his head!

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