Wednesday, September 22, 2004

having it all?
I'm really struggling with balance since returning from the US. The first - and most important - reason for this is that work has suddenly gone full-on mental. I'm currently doing ten-hour days as a matter of course and, because of the way this job is panning out, that's ten hours of people calling, instant messaging and e-mailing me asking me where their work is. The constant interruptions make everything so stressful.
My stress levels mean that making time for the gym is a high priority. I never thought I'd feel like this, but exercising really helps me to put the stress into perspective and relax. If I've been running or to Pilates before work I feel much more able to cope with the onslaught. Also, of course, I still have weight to lose and need to shape up. So, must make time for the gym.
Thinking ahead, it is vitally important that I fully commit to my biochemistry degree course. I'm currently reading and revising to get ready for it, but come 4 October - when term starts- I will be in classes two nights a week and will need to spend considerably more time working on it at weekends. The course lasts four years - eek - and will hopefully open up entire new career vistas for me. Sciences don't come as easily to me as Arts subjects so I'm preparing for a huge effort.
Blogging remains one of my favourite hobbies and, before my trip, I used to spend at least an hour a day reading others' blogs and writing here. It's great to keep in touch with how other people are doing. Carroll, who sometimes comments here, once wrote that reading blogs allowed her to share in lives she'd never be able to live. And isn't that a wonderful thing? I love looking out of other people's windows on the world - it makes the world seem infintely richer. I have found that writing here also helps me reconnect with my sanity - when I've been upset, depressed or anxious the comments box has been such a great help. So, I must make time for blogging.
Friends and family are my support system and without TA's love and my friends I don't know where I'd be. Of course I need to ensure that I have time to nurture my relationships - and have fun too!
So - how on earth am I going to fit it all in?

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