Monday, September 27, 2004

TA, housemate C, housemate C’s pal and I went to see Hero last night. The film is sumptuously, heartstoppingly beautiful – so beautiful in fact that it was only this morning that I began to think about the message of the film. Hero asks you to think about the definition of heroism: what is bravery, what is sacrifice, how do heroes transcend the ideology of their times.
I’m lucky enough to know a few heroes, perhaps you do too?

I’d like to nominate TA to the pantheon of heroes; for having the courage to face redundancy with dignity, for having the strength of character to get up every single day and apply himself to new tasks, for being humble enough to go back to university and retrain. His ability to be patient is heroic. His generosity and ability to be decadent in the face of ruin are heroic. The way in which he holds true to his values and tries to instil in others a sense of their inner worth and latent capabilities is heroic. TA has the grace and depth of a hero; he thinks deeply, looks on every new thing as an opportunity to learn; and takes pleasure in harmonious detail.

K, of P&K fame
K is luminescent. She has such warmth, such a glow that everyone is drawn to her. She is interested in you, she is patient with you, she is generous and funny and will cook up a storm for you. To spend time with K is to be wrapped in a fleecy blanket and coddled. Of course, K is sweetly addictive and people drain her dry sometimes – unknowingly, but still. If it was me I would withdraw and regroup, but not K. She has this amazing disregard for her own needs – I don’t mean she is one of those do-gooding martyr types – she understands what her availability costs her, but loves others so overwhelmingly that she continues to give (time, love, affection and little tokens that show that she’s been thinking of you) even when she’s at rock bottom herself. Unstinting sacrifice is heroic.

At the risk of sounding trite, let’s all be heroes today.

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