Tuesday, September 28, 2004

hot pants
I was never one of those coordinated children who are good at sports. If I ran, I ran knock-kneed, if someone threw a ball at me I never caught it or managed to hit it, if there was a box or horse to jump over I invariably fell over it or got stuck half way up it instead. Games lessons were horrible and I did everything I could to avoid them up to and including taking a hammer to my toes in an attempt to break them. Fitting me out with fantastic gym kit was, therefore, never high on my parents' agenda - not to mention another favourite way to avoid games class was to lose my kit. There was a uniform and I had one (netball skirt, gym knickers, dunlops - before they were trendy - and an airtex shirt), that was it. I might have had a pair of tracksuit bottoms at some point, but I can't remember any.
I did flirt with running (on my own) at university and went as far as buying a berli shock absorber bra, but I never went all out and invested in sportswear. Any soft cotton trousers I have owned have been expressly for the purpose of lounging, decadently, while reading. Granted, silk palazzio pants (or whatever they're called) would have been better for this, but I'm a little too buget conscious for that, and besides they need ironing.
Since joining the gym I have cobbled together some kind of gym attire from my stock of summer shorts, tee shirts, my sole pair of trainers and my token sports bra. I have been washing my sports bra everyday. Despite the fact that I'm enjoying the gym and have shelled out money to be kicked around by Frankie, somehow it didn't occur to me to take the final step and buy workout clothes. A rather sad state of affairs don't you think?
This is where TA stepped in. On Sunday we popped in to Lilywhites before going to the cinema. I conservatively thought I could use one pair of tracksuit-type trousers, I ended up with two pairs, I thought an extra sports bra would be useful, TA insisted I buy two and to top it all off I got a hooded top thing too.
If clothes maketh the woman, it's time for Paula Radcliffe to move over.

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