Wednesday, September 15, 2004

something strange
Is happening to the UB - when I look at it at work my latest posts don't show odd.
So the top-secret craft project isn't the quilt, it's a present for a new friend I made (more on which in another post). I dreamed up the idea while on the plane flying home, inspired by my visit to the Portland Art Museum Especially this bit of it. Woo - scary!
TA picked me up at the airport on Saturday and escorted me home. It was strange - for me at least - three weeks apart had made him seem just a little bit unknown. I was nervous around him for the first few hours! TA said several times - we need to buy a new chair. I was a little freaked out by this, but since our dining room chairs are a little wobbly noy unduly surprised. I asked TA which chair had been broken, but he wouldn't tell me. When we got home all the chairs were in working order. Odd. I unpacked in the kitchen (I had a rucksack full of wine) so it was several minutes before I went into the bedroom. When I did I discovered that TA had built me a desk! He'd lined up my biochemistry books and bought a beautiful orchid - perfect.

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