Thursday, September 30, 2004

Do I moan to TA about aspects of my life only I can change?
Do I overeat, binge if you must, when I know that I'll spend the rest of the day thinking about the possibility of being sick?
Do I demand more of others than I do of myself?
Don't I take action to create change or improve situations when I see the opportunity?
Do I force myself to endure inertia?
Aren't I more proactive?
Do I spend money I know I should save?
Is my reaction to stress most often: fuck it!
Do I continue to think that moving will change things, when deep down I understand that moving will only change the scenery, not my personality?
Do I never truly value experiences until they are over?
Do I look to TA for approval when I'm perfectly capable of validating my decisions myself?
Is it that I often repeat the same gripes in meetings rather than saying my piece just once and moving on?
Do I blush?

Just a few questions...

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