Wednesday, October 06, 2004

the right chemistry
Class started last night and was brilliant, just brilliant. Tuesday nights are just chemistry and Thursdays are practical biology (oo-er). Last night was a whistlestop tour of how chemists learnt about elements and atoms and then a bit about electrons and bonding. I could feel a few electrons firing in my brain as it awoke from its workaday slumbers and was shocked into action. I came home really hyper about it - long may my enthusiasm last!
The downside is that thanks to the vageries of our respective timetables, TA and I are going to hardly see each other during term time: he teaches late on Wednesday and I'm out Tuesday and Thursday. We'll have to start leaving each other notes!
We're off to Carlisle on Friday - via Newbury, don't ask - so things might be a bit derelict here at the UB for the next few days. I'd advertise for blog sitters, but the place is such a shambles I'd be ashamed to let anyone in.

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