Monday, October 11, 2004

road trip
TA and I got up at 6am on Friday. We packed and got all the items we were delivering to my parents - PC, PC peripherals, monitor, printer, mobile phone handset and charger, bubble bath - up together and had some breakfast. At 9.10am TA went to pick up the hire car while I waited with all our baggage in Badger Mansions' foyer. At 10am I rang my parents to tell them that we would be later than expected and probably wouldn't make it to Newbury by 10.30am. At 10.30am TA returned. At 11am, after a nervous start and a couple of wrong turns, we were heading out of London. Woo-hoo, I was Thelma to TA's Louise: we were young, we were wild, we were free, we were glad to be alive, we were stuck in traffic on the M45.
At this point I discovered that neither of us had printed out my parents' directions to the rendezvous point, in fact I could barely remember the name of the drop off point. Luckily, TA remembered the word 'Chieveley' and I had housemate C's road atlas on my lap. We were on our way to the Chieveley Services!
At midday I called my parents - 'We're nearly there!' I said. As we pulled into the carpark my phone vibrated - yes they were looking for us. We parked and walked slowly towards each other - like a hostage swap or, as TA bleakly observed, two divorced parents handing over the children. Computer and other assorted goodies were swapped for a box of chocolates and three jars of jam. Then four hungry adults braved the dark world of motorway services food.
(Thank you to Mom Moose for blogsitting - everything's been tidied and polished in my absence!)

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