Tuesday, October 05, 2004

squirrels, stopwatches and something else
It's all go on the creative front. Last night I put the nearly finishing touches on the top-secret craft project. I also gave TA his birthday card - it's his birthday today, but since we're both out until late tonight we had his birthday dinner last night instead. I made TA's card myself with the help of Shrub's photographic genius. It is A4 sized (A3 folded in half), made out of white card and prominently features a gorgeous photo of a red squirrel stealing nuts from a bird feeder. On the front it says: Happy Birthday, TA [squirrel pic] Have a GREAT day... Then on the inside: ...But don't go nuts! He loved it and I haven't stopped chuckling yet, I'm just so pleased with how it turned out.
I also created my first ever animated gif today. I once watched TA make one for me, but have never attempted it myself. I took a picture of a stopwatch and, after a few hours(!) of trial and error, managed to get a reasonably smooth animation of the second hand going round using layers in Photoshop and then exporting them into Image Ready. I then inserted the gif into a PowerPoint presentation that will be used for internal training purposes. Nice to have the opportunity to play and learn something new without the pressure of imminent deadlines.
Oh! And TA mentioned this morning that he thinks one of his TM Lewin shirts is ready to give up its life for my quilt... Watch this space!

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