Monday, October 18, 2004

turn over a new leaf - take one from my book
I'm ashamed of you, really I am. I give you the opportunity to vote and nearly all of you go for the selfish option (boots), some of you go for the decadent option (dinner), a few of you spoil your ballot papers (charity) and a couple of individuals try to vote twice. I could not believe it: not one of you chose the self-improving option (books for college). I'm afraid the UB has ceased to be a democracy, if it ever was. Yesterday I bought four books for college, the prize money covered less than half the bill, but was certainly better than no prize money at all.
I've been feeling poorly the last few days and spent most of the weekend in bed. 'Poorly' is one of my favourite British English words. In fact, the best ever scene in Neighbours featured Helen Daniels explaining to a young aussie whippersnapper that when his friend, the comedy British ragamuffin (copyright Dickens), spoke of his granny being poorly it meant she was ill, not poverty stricken.

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