Thursday, October 21, 2004

you do the math
Sorry, this is going to be a post of whinging - I'll try and make it short. I've spent hours, days this week and last working on a 'briefing book' for a Microsoft VIP to take on his tour of Africa. It started off with background information on all the journalists that might be covering his trip - collating, formatting and standardising pages and pages of information and past articles culled from Google (which later got reduced to a paragraph on each journo). Then, for the last two days I've been formatting and editing the beast (and let me tell you Word is shite for formatting). Now here's where the whinging comes in - any editor/designer will tell you - "give me the doc when it's finished" - I've been adding in content from feck knows where (a good deal came from the CIA), formatting, trying to edit as I go, getting pinged with IM and email with new additions. Then, THEN... at 6pm... Half the fecking content gets cut! So let's add up the hours - 8 today, 5 yesterday, 2 on Monday, 9 last week = 24 hours @ a billing rate of approx 180 USD per hour (I'm guessing, it may well be higher) and then consider that I'm the lowest billing member of a team of four people working on this. All these pages that Mr VIP will never read...and we all work like lunatics - why?
So, then, after a day of that and some nasty inter-office politics with the US team to boot, I come home and write up my chemistry and maths homework. Equations, fractions and molecular structures. Frankly, I'm ready to cry!

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