Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Okay, I give up. I spend two weeks thinking about posting but not, then as soon as I officially wave goodbye to regular blogging the urge to post becomes overpowering.
I have spent the last ten minutes trying to persuade Google to solve my quarter-life crisis, but for once it's not coming up with the goods. I know I've written ad nauseum about how I want life - my life - to change drastically and really I should stop now but I can't. In fact the whole founding principle of the UB was to document in some tangible, outside-of-my-head way just how much I wanted my life to change. But here I am over a year later, having quit my job and tried to create change I find myself in pretty much the same position as a year ago. On the surface everything ticks along nicely but underneath I'm seething. Something has to give, somehow there has to be away to achieve my own Good Life.

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