Friday, January 14, 2005

all the news that's fit to blog
Many have written on the paradox that is blogging in public - the more people you know who know your blog, the less you can write - well, I'm feeling it right now and I hope that TA will not mind what follows, obscured as it is in code. For those of you who have met him, please, no friendly backslapping enquiries.
TA has been on-and-off poorly for the last two years and, while he's still having tests done, we pretty much thought we knew what the problem (TP) was. Our suspicious were founded on a knowledge that several of TA's relations have been diagnosed with TP - it was still a scary prospect (treatable, but not curable), but we were waiting for test results to confirm his self-diagnosis and fairly calm. Last night changed all that with TA suffering a couple of new and nasty symptoms which didn't fit into the pattern for TP. Was this something unrelated? Were we facing a new and terrible life-threatening disorder (TLTD)? A call to NHS Direct and several calls from them to us has done little to reassure either of us. Which might explain why my digestive system has decided that jettisoning everything at 3am is the way forward, if only it hadn't started pulling this trick the night before the first signs of TLTD were observed. What a sorry pair we are. And what bloody ironic timing, eh?

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