Saturday, January 29, 2005

a few of my favourite things
Which is a quaint way of saying this will be a post about everything and nothing.
1. Sometime mid-week I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I should take swimming lessons! So I did some googling and booked myself an adult ‘improvers’ class for next Wednesday evening. My mum taught me to swim front crawl and backstroke as a kid but I’ve never been a strong swimmer or mastered breast stroke. I love the water and enjoy swimming but always feel too ashamed of my dodgy technique/lack of stamina to go to the pool. Hopefully, lessons might change this.
2. I finally cracked. Cleaner G went to Miami months ago and I hate spending my weekends cleaning – or rather thinking about cleaning and then doing something else instead. New cleaners start on Monday.
3. The seated row machine. My posture is terrible and I’ve never known quite what to do about it, but under Frankie’s tutelage I am mastering the seated row machine as well as standing with my shoulders flat against the wall for a few minutes each day. Hurrah – my shoulders are getting less rounded.
4. A salad of spinach leaves, carrot, dried apricots and mixed nuts in a yogurt and tahini dressing. Discovered by accident this week that this is an outstanding combo.
5. Fridays. Self explanatory really.

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