Friday, January 07, 2005

guests and pests part 1
So, part of my mad busyness was to do with our guests' arrival before Christmas (and extended stay). Guests were schedulled to arrive on the 18th of December and leave on the 4th of January. So on the 8th of December I meandered home slowly, not a care in the world. I stopped off at the local cheese shop and pottered about, in fact I only left as they were closing a 7pm...
As I approached Badger Mansions I saw two ragamuffin types with piles and piles of baggage. Blimey, I thought, I wonder who they are waiting for? I walked past them and up the steps, but I was stopped in my tracks by an antipodean twang...these were our guests! And they'd been on the step for three hours! Final exclamation mark ahoy - and one of the guests was a coeliac and lactose intollerant and we didn't have any gluten-free/lactose-free foods in the house! To add insult to obvious injury, TA wasn't due home for another two and a half hours. PANIC. What to say to two virtual strangers for two and a half hours and have we got any appropriate food in the house?
- cliffhanger alert -
tune in tomorrow to learn how our plucky heroine copes.

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