Saturday, January 08, 2005

guests and pests part 2
I ushered my guests in and covered my bewilderment by immediately getting into Delia mode. As luck would have it we had already planned to have a meal that S could eat - roast pork belly and roast veggies - and the meat was defrosted and ready to go.
After S&K were settled in the living room and had warmed up and I had a restorative glass of wine in my hand, I gently began to probe them about their plans. It turned out that somehow we had got the wrong end of the stick entirely. S&K were staying with us for two nights before going to Wales for a few days to buy slate bookends (like you do) then they'd be back to drop off some bags before going to the Czech Republic, finally, they'd be back at ours on the 22nd and then stay until the 4th of January. Still an hour or more until TA comes home...
Conversation then turned to S's dietry requirements. In my innocence I had assumed as lonng as there was no gluten in his food we'd be grand, but I was wrong. I had never before considered the evil that is cross-contamination! If I were to touch a gluten-containing foodstuff and then touch something on a plate containing food S would eat then I might have contaminated his food and he would no longer eat it. S needed his own butter, his own jam - at home he has his own toaster. The mind boggled. I swung between feeling intense pity and intense irritation (I'm not a very giving soul).
I ring TA - get your arse home right now. Get a cab from Waterloo if necessary, but get here as fast as you can - please.
Finally, TA makes it home. We eat at 9.30, it doesn't make S poorly. Perhaps I can do this I think. I take the following afternoon off work, stock up on soya milk and gluten-free foodstuffs, cook the guests kedgeree for lunch and show them the sights. The next day they are gone. Like a whilrwind they came, they swept everything up, deposited some junk and departed.
A day or two later I was just beginning to relax, but TA had some nasty news for me...

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