Tuesday, January 11, 2005

guests and pests part 3
TA let me get in the door and offered me a cuppa.
“Now then,” he said, “don’t fly off the handle or anything, but...”
As he uttered those words I left the handle far behind and began orbiting planet panic.
“Sometimes my eyes play tricks on me, but I think I saw a mouse. Over there. Running.”
After much discussion, covering such diverse subjects as: can mice climb stairs or do you think they get in the lift; what colour was it; are you sure you really saw a mouse; how many does that mean we have (you never just get one mouse - they hunt in packs, surely); what are we going to do; if we get traps then you have to empty them; how does a mousetrap work anyway; and are you really sure you saw a mouse.
To cut a long story short, because I’m getting bored of all these installments and have lots of other more up-to-date things to blog about, maybe, here’s the rest of the story in list format:
1. I bought a non-lethal whistle-emitting device that is supposed to make mice run away.
2. We have not seen any other whiskery, rodenty-type creatures.
3. S&K enjoyed their visits to Wales and the Czech Republic, bought lots and lots of cheese, butter, jam and other things that S could eat and even cooked on the odd occasion that I would let other people into my kitchen. (My mother is territorial about her kitchen and I swore blind I’d never be like her, but lo! I am.)
4. We all had a lovely Christmas the guests were not pests and hopefully we had no pest guests hiding out.
5. Christmas dinner – my first as cook – was, even if I say it myself, a triumph.
6. I got an amazing number of brilliant gifties, including a cross stitch tapestry set featuring two beautiful badgers; the perfect apron; Elizabeth David cookbooks and a pair of pink ugg boots.

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