Wednesday, January 26, 2005

knickers in a twist
TA left the heating on all night (naughty TA!), but insisted that he’d turned it off before turning in, consequently, I laid awake sweating all night wondering why I was so hot and ended up getting up at 5.40am in disgust. I was at the gym so early I had time to workout, have a sauna, take an extra long shower, dry my hair properly and still be early for work.
Unlike some ladies (mysteriously it’s never the skinny ones) I’m not one for hanging around the communal changing rooms naked for any longer than is strictly necessary – I get my clothes on as quickly as I can – which might explain why later on this morning I nipped to the loo only to discover that my knickers were inside out. Most annoying.
I don’t care what the other ladies will think of me (sadly, it’s just like school changing rooms in there – the girl with the best scanties wins the respect and admiration of everyone else in the room) that’s the last time I take tiny, lacy pants with me to the gym because the inside-out-pants mistake happens every single time. There must be some kind of universal law about it, probably written underneath the one about toast landing on the floor butter-side down.

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