Wednesday, January 12, 2005

So, lots to tell you!
Some newish readers might not be aware that TA – love of my life, light of my heart – stands for the animator. In recent times there hasn’t been much going on to justify this nom de blog, but now there is. TA has been offered five weeks of work at Hensons (yes, the Muppet people) and starts on Monday. Their office is in Camden, a mere 30-minute walk from Badger Mansions, and there’s a good chance that once the five weeks are up there will be more work for him. As he says, whatever way this goes, at the end of this five weeks he’ll have to ensure that he capitalises on this experience. Of course he’s had to tell the college in Kent that he can no longer work there, but since he won’t miss the students or the two-hour commute and the money isn’t very good this wasn’t such a hardship. His fellow lecturers were very supportive and happy for him, which was really lovely of them. Perhaps, just maybe, 2005 will be a better year than the last two have been for us.
My news is not so happy; I decided over Christmas to withdraw from college. Lots of reasons/excuses and if we were sitting on the sofa in Badger Mansions drinking wine I might elaborate, but at the moment I still feel a bit of a failure about it, as well as mightily relieved, so I’d rather not try to explain myself.

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