Friday, February 25, 2005

home truths
Dear TA,
With a limited budget and a small deposit (borrowed from Badgers Senior, natch) it is not possible to by a warehouse conversion in the centre of town. And, no, it is also not possible to buy an unconverted warehouse/loft-type building in zone one - those were all bought in the early 1990s. What is possible is to buy a reasonably sized apartment in Middlesex (turn left once you're past the Milky Way) or a poky 'in need of refurbishment' flat in zone two. Yes that's right - zone two. Believe me I've looked for lofts and warehouses, but without a spare half million we're not going to be living somewhere like that anytime soon. And, no, it's not that I wouldn't much rather live in a suburb, I like the idea of urban loft-style living as much as you do. As to your fear that if we don't live within spitting distance of the West End our social life will disintegrate I offer two rebuttals: many of my friends live further out and we still see each other semi-regularly; and, since you are often moaning that you have no social life now, I hardly think adding the extra hurdle of a tube journey is going to make an appreciable difference. So, moving forward, where would you rather be: Battersea, apparently not going to the dogs quite as much as it appears (two tube stations each a 25-30-minute walk away), or Aldgate East, known by locals as twinned with whatever warzone is most in the news since the local brats have a nasty addiction to throwing fireworks at windows, in bins, through letterboxes (probably, although I've never actually seen this happen) and at each other, but at least the tube stations are close by and we could, were we feeling athletic, walk into town? Oh! And remember, we need to make up our minds soon.
Why do people say buying is stressful?

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