Tuesday, February 22, 2005

hope and hopeless
So, to recap on recent events in a way that is clear and yet protects non-bloggers' privacy:
  • Housemate C's parents were involved in seperate freak accidents while holidaying in South America, his Mum is on the mend but his dad is still very poorly
  • Housemate C has been offered a job in the US

After some consideration, TA and I have decided to attempt to become homeowners. Last week I looked at three flats. I fell in love with one - it was amazing: three bedrooms, lovely area, good transport, in good nick... TA looked at it at the weekend, he said let's go for it. We knew getting a mortgage could prove tricky because of it's construction, but the broker sounded hopeful. Today the broker said yes. We made an offer, it was accepted, things were moving fast. Broker rang back, actually no, no mortgage. Back to square one. Deflated.

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