Monday, February 28, 2005

through the keyhole
Viewing one went smoothly enough but TA didn't like Battersea at all so the flat would have had to have been magnificent for him to agree to buy it. Of course, the flat was not magnificent, it needed more work than I remembered and TA kept muttering: "bad location, limited potential".
Viewing two, well viewing two was an experience. As Lloyd Grossman used to over enunciate: who would live in a house like this? It was filthy, stank of cigarettes, the kitchen and bathroom both begged to be completely gutted, the floors were covered in stained and matted carpet... I didn't look in the bedroom because the current tenant was asleep (it was three in the afternoon). We left the flat. I had a quick peak through the kitchen window of the flat next door and it really did look lovely, snug, but very smart. I cautiously said to TA, "well?" Excited, TA started muttering: "Great location, think of the potential". And I agree, Aldgate is a much better prospect than Battersea, but just think of taking on that amount of work - ripping out the kitchen and bathroom, redecorating the entire flat - and the associated costs. Are we going to be able to take on a project of that magnitude? My DIY skills and abilities have never been tested and I fear that TA simply won't have the time to devote to it. In the back of my mind were all of Ms Jones' house renovation blog entries. We went back and forth all weekend and I still have reservations. The asking price has already been reduced once, but we still want to put in a significantly lower offer. I'll keep you posted.

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