Friday, March 18, 2005

career suicide is painless
Me in e-mail to big European-wide exec vice president boss lady:
"The only thing I’d query is the change from indefinite to definite article. Everyone can be 'a Champion' the title says, but switching to ‘the’ in the list of qualities suggests that, as Christopher Lambert in that immortal (boom, boom) film, Highlander, so memorably said: there can be only one. Is that the impression you wanted to give?"
For years and years I had forgotten my obsession with every girl's favourite chronically short-sighted French actor, but a couple of weeks ago TA brought Highlander home on DVD and my passion was reawakened. Although to be honest I think his "bonny Heather" is the most attractive cast member. Incidentally, as Ronnie Corbett might say, until I Googled it and found out I was wrong I was convinced that the actor that played the Kurgen was now playing Ray's brother in Everybody Loves Raymond.

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