Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Unfortunately, TA and I are not merrily jiggling under a pole; instead we are doing precisely nothing – just waiting to hear whether or not our how-low-can-you-go offer has been accepted. Meanwhile, my mind and stomach are competing in the somersault and revolt event (a strange hybrid sport involving much acid reflux and freefall). TA finds this most amusing, saying RELAX goddammit! But when have you ever known me to do that? My thoughts have galloped ahead of actual progress and I am already costing the redecoration and renovation works.
So, house experts, I have a list of questions for you that I can’t find the answers to:

  • Buy new or use reclaimed/salvaged materials, which is best?

  • Just how tricky is it to: lay a wooden floor; fit a bath, sink, toilet; fit a kitchen – units, sink, electric oven etc; tile (wall and floor)?

  • How difficult is it to knock down a wall and how do I find out if it is load bearing before I take a sledgehammer to it?

  • If I get all the materials in advance how long will it take a conscientious builder to fit a bathroom and/or kitchen?

  • How does one find a conscientious builder?

  • Are builders snobby/reluctant to use reclaimed/salvaged materials?

  • My head says that we want to do things cheaply, quickly (to prevent getting disheartened) and easily - a one-stop trip to Ikea or MFI to get everything in one go (hopefully with some kind of discount) and preferably with a fitting service included. My heart and ethics say that we should take our time, source reclaimed and salvaged materials and do as much work as possible. Without talking to TA about what he wants I have already started dreaming about a Bristol sink in the kitchen, a cute corner sink in the bathroom; possibly a leather sofa in the living room. Where will it end? Probably in tears. As always, you'll be nearly the first to know.

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