Thursday, March 10, 2005

oh, for crying out loud!
Vendor is holding out for the asking price. I ask you! Honestly, for goodness sake [should goodness have a posessive apostrophe?] what an unreasonable vendor. The agent tells me that we're not the only ones to put in a lower-than-asking-price offer and that the vendor is getting desperate so we shouldn't give up hope. But, really, when are we going to start making real progress? It's enough to make me feel like really swearing, only I can't. TA has told me that he thinks I'm partially to blame for his inability to stop swearing at work. He has instigated a no swearing rule at home. I'm not altogether sure that this is fair since even though I, apparently, swear like a trooper at home, I very rarely swear at work. Although, on days like this I'd really, truly like to.

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