Saturday, April 30, 2005

how much do I love thee?
TA accused me of no longer paying attention a few weeks ago. The accusation stung, so I have begun a campaign of concerted attention paying. Last night I spent several hours in an upstairs room of a rough and ready south-of-the-river pub. I told my workmates, sorry I can't come out with you I have to go meet to strangers in a pub to talk about fantasy roleplay. While I was waiting for TA to show up I read this month's issue of 3D World - cover to cover. On our way home I discussed different facial texturing methods with TA and the character I will be playing when we beta test FateStorm. Also yesterday, I requested information on specialist 3D courses and researched the cost of high-end, custom-made PCs. I wonder if TA has noticed I'm paying attention yet? I wonder when he'll start paying me these kind of attentions?

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