Wednesday, May 04, 2005

are we living in the slow lane?
Is the slow cooker – and my newfound love for it – a metaphor for where TA and I are at the moment? What I love about the slow cooker is that minute by minute nothing much changes, but over time the transformation is nothing short of astounding (as long as you keep the lid on). When I read back over the archives – hey, I’m allowed the occasional navel gaze – I realise that my day-to-day feeling of frustration at our lack of progress is unfounded and that actually we’ve achieved a lot in the last year. Also, a few things are bubbling under the surface that make me feel like we could be about to take the lid off the stockpot and witness some major transformations.
A recruitment agent called me just before the Bank Holiday weekend and offered to put me forward for a web editing job with the RCN. I got all excited, updated my CV and sent it to the agent on Tuesday. No word yet as to whether the RCN want to interview me, but cross your fingers for me.
TA finishes at the muppets this week, or does he? He said that there had been mutterings about keeping him on and moving him to another project (a children’s series featuring a naughty badger, would you believe?) in the Camden office or perhaps sending him to Montreal for three months – I would miss him terribly, but still please cross your fingers for him too.
As I’m sure you’ve all realised, reading between the lines, the last three years haven’t exactly been easy on our bank balances, however, in the three and a half months TA has been working full time we have been making real progress and by the time TA gets his pay cheque next week we will have managed to clear all our credit card debt. There is other debt still outstanding which will take a while to clear, especially if TA has a long hiatus between jobs, but having cleared our most expensive debts will definitely help us make it through the lean period, while still making steady progress on the remainder. Raise a glass for us and toast our success!

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