Tuesday, May 10, 2005

do you feel lucky?
On the 10th of May I always feel lucky. Yesterday TA felt lucky - the taxman sent him a letter to say that he'd deposited a rebate in TA's account. I also had an unexpected windfall - some birthday gifts that I had forgotten I was 'owed' arrived in the mail. We were busy feeling lucky and even happy-go-lucky, having a lovely evening and then the singing started. At 8.45pm loud, repetitive signing. I couldn't bear to stay in the house. TA and I went for a walk to explore our new surroundings. And then I felt lucky again - lucky to have in TA a husband that cares for me and understands me and who I enjoy talking to and strolling through life with. And in a funny way it occured to me that we are lucky to have housemates who sing and make me unhappy and angry - because without that impetus I would not have strolled through the evening streets hand in hand with TA and I would not be writing again.

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